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FAQs Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis. If you have a question that is not answered in this section please feel free to call 07837 130123 or email us through the contact page of this website.

Do I need to comply with COVID-19 GUIDELINES

Yes you must follow Covid-19 Guidelines – Please read the guidelines as set out in the schedule.

How do we contact the show secretary

Please contact the show secretary by email –

Can I message the show secretary on Facebook Messenger


When will you take payment for my entries/stables/hook up

Payment will be taken after the Prime Ministers next announcement on the 12 April 2021

When will I know if my entries etc have been accepted

When payment has been taken and cleared you will receive a confirmation email, this will say entries etc received and payment taken in full.

What happens if my card is declined

Your entries will be sent back by email; this will say card declined entries etc NOT accepted.

What time can we arrive at the show

You can arrive at the show from Thursday 29 April but NOT before 11am.

Can I park next to my friend

Yes, but you must arrive together.

Can I be stabled next to my friend

Yes but please state the name of the friend who you wish to be stabled next to on the entry form.

Does my pony need an Annual Height Certificate/Life Height Certificate

No not a POYS.

Where do I find the Start Lists/Results

Start Lists will be published on the website the evening prior to your class.  Results will be published on the website once each class has been finished.

Are the classes all open classes at the show.

Yes, but in some of the classes there are special prizes for Novice Ponies please indicate on the entry form if you have entered a Novice Pony, I will enter you in the appropriate section.

Do we have to wear a mask.

Yes, masks should be worn while you are on the showground (Not in your horsebox or pony’s stable or while riding) and please keep the 2m Social Distancing Rule while on foot and mounted on your Horse/Pony.